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PsicoAbreu offers you Psychological care service by distance to be able to contact our Online Psychologist without having to visit one of our psychology centers. This way of working guarantees effective, adaptable, and confidential care with the same professional quality as face-to-face therapy.

Online psychological therapy aims to provide a simple and effective solution to all those people who, for various reasons, cannot attend face-to-face therapy.

Are both Online and face-to-face therapies the same?

It has been proven that psychological therapy carried out Online by our psychologists has a high percentage of efficacy and validity, similar to face-to-face therapies, and is also the most recommended solution in the following cases:

  • Exceptional situations in which it is not recommended to leave the home.
  • When we live in other countries and we want to be treated in our mother tongue.
  • When daily stresses or lack of time prevents us from going to the place of therapy.
  • When receiving face-to-face therapy and having to move to another place of residence, in order to continue it.
  • When due to medical circumstances or chronic diseases, it is not possible to continue with in-person sessions.
  • When the type of disorder that afflicts us makes it difficult for us to interact with other people or with the environment (agoraphobia, social phobia…).

How is the therapy with our Online Psychologists?

Unlike the face-to-face psychological session, online psychotherapy can be done anywhere, quickly and easily. It can be used as a method of interaction between the psychologist and the patient where the video call allows us to observe the non-verbal language so necessary for humans interactions. In cases in which the video call is not possible, we offer the service of psychological therapy via phone call.

Online Psychologists with the guarantee of PsicoAbreu

The same psychologists and psychiatrists of the PsicoAbreu team carry out the online psychological therapies as well as the face-to-face therapies. This team of qualified professionals are endorsed by the Ministry of Health and work in accordance with the Spanish law.

Online Psychologists

Effective Psychological Treatments also by our Online Psychologists

Through Online Psychological Therapy our psychologists treat adults and young people who present different situations such as:

  • Depression Disorders.
  • Anxiety problems.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  • Eating disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, binge eating …).
  • Lack of impulse control (aggressiveness, gambling, kleptomania …).
  • Phobias (Agoraphobia, social phobia, claustrophobia …).
  • Adaptive disorders.
  • Personality disorders.
  • Need for Coaching.
  • Mediation.
  • Search for conflict resolution.
  • Opponents who need support throughout the process.
  • Psychological treatment of chronic pain.
  • Grief processing (loss of a loved one(s), illness, separation, changes of residence …).
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Even if you just want to know yourself better and realize your capabilities, or to become the best version of yourself.

PsicoAbreu Psychologists have great professionals specialized in different types of therapies and psychological perspectives, among which we highlight cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, third-generation or integrative therapies, all in order to provide an effective and definitive solution tailored to each individual.

Our team of Online Psychologists will help you solve your psychological needs by following the code of ethical commitments regarding confidentiality and professional secrecy with our patients, all this with the ease of deciding where you want to be, without being physically present, allowing you to access care where you feel more comfortable.

You have the solution just one click away

psicologa online

Just by booking an appointment with one of our psychologists for online therapy you will have the peace of mind and security of knowing that you are placing your mental health in the hands of the best professionals. Our Online Psychologists adapt the psychological techniques to each individual, emphasizing the focus of the problem and those factors that add to it, to help solve their psychological problems in a definitive way.

Our Online Psychologists are near you, wherever you are, without borders, at any time just by booking an appointment. Invest in yourself, invest in your mental and emotional health. You will not regret it.

Modalities of Online Psychological Therapy





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