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PsicoAbreu Psychoanalysts and Psychologists in Malaga

Quality psychological service since 1995

Psychology Cabinet in Málaga with national reputation. We have experienced professionals in psychological therapies. We have been offering successful solutions for 24 years with absolute discretion.

At PsicoAbreu Psychologists Málaga we offer a quality psychological service of psychologists and psychoanalysts qualified and experts, experienced and delivered to their work and patients. We work with a treatment adapted to the needs of our patients, being more important the long-term solution for not having relapses.

Using integrative therapy, we help you solve all the psychological problems and disorders that affect you.

Psychologists in Malaga

Our objectives are the promotion of mental health, emotional well-being and to improve the overall quality of your life.

We are experts in the treatment of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, different psychological disorders, addictions and relationship problems. We treat any age, from children to adults.

We will help you take charge of your life, learn and improve. You will get to know yourself better, understand how your past is affecting your present, establish and achieve personal and / or professional goals, how to get in touch, learn to express and manage your emotions, …

In PsicoAbreu Psychologists Málaga we are at your disposal with the best specialists and reputed psychologists to help you to change your life. If you think you need our help, we are waiting for you.



You may contact us calling to 620 07 07 62  or sending us a email to

PsicoAbreu Psychologists is located in the Center of Malaga (Alameda de Colón).

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